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Welcome to Victorian Institute of Education, where you discover a huge range of study options available at Victorian Institute of Education (VIE). VIE has two campuses in Sydney and one in Adelaide.

From Business, Technology to Health courses. Victorian Institute of Education is ranked as one of the quality education providers in Australia. Victorian Institute of Education (VIE) is build on deep industry experience to bring you quality courses that ticks all the right boxes. With a range of courses, you are sure to find what you need to improve your skills and achieve your goals and career dreams. Our Health Science courses and business courses are very popular among international students.

When you enroll with Victorian Institute of Education (VIE), you will be studying in Australia which is one of the world’s most livable countries with endless opportunities for entertainment and new life experiences. You are most likely to fall in love with the friendly locals, sunny weather, famous restaurants and bars, fabulous foods, local shopping experience and fun nightlife. For your convenience, all VIE campuses are located within 5 minutes walking distance from Train Station.

Nationally Recognised training
Australian Qualifications Framework

Sydney And Adelaide City Experience

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