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Victorian Institute of Education

Welcome to the Victorian Institute of Education (VIE), where a broad spectrum of study opportunities awaits you. With campuses strategically located in Sydney and Adelaide, we are at the heart of Australia’s vibrant urban centers.

At VIE, we pride ourselves on being among the premier education providers in Australia, offering a diverse array of courses in Business, Technology, and Health. Our curriculum is designed with a deep understanding of industry needs, ensuring that our courses not only meet but exceed the standards of quality education.

Our Health Science and Business programs, in particular, have garnered significant popularity among international students, reflecting our global reputation for excellence.

Choosing to study at VIE means immersing yourself in the Australian lifestyle, renowned for its welcoming community, sunny climate, and a plethora of leisure and culinary delights. Our campuses are conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from local train stations, making your daily commute as effortless as possible.

Join us at VIE for an educational journey that promises not just learning, but a life-changing
experience in one of the world’s most desirable destinations.

Nationally Recognised training
Australian Qualifications Framework

Sydney And Adelaide City Experience

Choice of 2 Australian Campus

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