3 Simple Ways To Boost Your Career Prospects While Studying VET

Vocational studies were among the most affected levels of education during the worldwide lockdown period —since the entire structure of the course relies on practical training. Many vocational institutions were not able to offer various courses due to restrictions, but some were able to pull it off with the help of online learning. Although it might be complicated as it sounds, surprisingly, some courses can be executed by the students through digital monitoring and with their own materials. 

During that period, virtual training also became an instant trend though it’s not really applicable to some vocational courses that really require physical attendance. Thus, students missing campus life and face-to-face classes may have caused them some doubts about future employability, but learning to articulate practical skills through their digital experience might have given them the confidence they need before leaving college. 

Now that international education is slowly getting back to its standard pace, students now can also experience the same. Learn how to boost your employability prospects while still studying VET: 


  • Look for a part-time job

According to Indeed, most employers often look for skilled workers with previous industry experience. Your certificate or diploma might give you a headstart, but having a bit of an edge can spice up your resume / CV more. 


  • Attend workshops, career fairs, and seminars

Joining these events will give you more exposure to what to expect after completing your studies. You can learn a lot from industry experts and prospective employers, such as recruitment advice, things you need to improve before graduating, pathways to further studies, etc. 


  • Create connections

Australia is a diverse country, and so are the vocational colleges aside from universities. You may take advantage of this, as VET students have different backgrounds. Some are fresh from secondary school, while others are already professionals seeking additional qualifications. Establishing a connection with your classmates might help you not just in the present but also in the future. You may also do the same with your instructors or guest speakers at any school-related events that you think are relevant to your future career. 


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