How to find the right accommodation for international students in Australia

Over the years, Australia has become one of the favourite destinations for students to pursue their education from all over the world. Finding the right place to stay is one of the primary concerns for international students.  

Finding good accommodation can be unnerving for international students moving to Australia for studies. Some of the questions that bother you are the cost, location, facilities, comfort, surrounding, and more. However, the ground reality is different as you arrive here.  

There are plenty of options for the students, and they can easily find a place to live, which ranges from homestay to university accommodations and from self-catered apartments to share houses.  

Here is a quick guide for you if you are looking up for the right place to stay as per your needs and budget. Also, get to know the pros and cons of staying in the below-mentioned places.  



1. Residential Campuses

Living on or near the campus is one of the most popular choices amongst international students. For those who go to the country for the first time, it is one of the easiest and most convenient choices to stay.

The student staying in on-campus accommodation gets meals, a weekly clean room, a fully-furnished bedroom, and access to library facilities, tutors and Wi-Fi alongside their stay.  


As cost is one of the major concerns for students, it is essential to know how much it cost. You may have to pay somewhere between AUD $200 TO AUD $750 weekly, including the utilities. However, the cost can vary as per the college apartments.  

However, there are a few pros and cons of staying inside or near the college area.  


  1. You are most likely to find a residential college apartment near the campus, this can shorten or avoid the public transport ride. This helps in saving yourself a few bucks, which is very essential as you are a student.  
  2. As an international student, you will get to live a more independent lifestyle. You will also get a self-contained living space which gives you privacy.  


  1. While living inside the campus, you are most likely to miss out on the sense of community.  
  2. Sometimes you may have to pay for additional expenses like meals, internet, tutoring, and more.  
  3. Likewise, you may have to organize all these facilities yourself.  


2. Home-Stay

During the initial days of arriving in Australia, staying on homestay can be a good option for international students. You can book your homestay provider from the suggestion of an educational institution.

By opting for this type of accommodation, you will get a valuable cultural experience while staying with the local host family. You can stay in such accommodation for a short or long period of time.  

Alongside the stay, student support also includes airport pickup from the host family. Likewise, they also give you a furnished room in the house, arranged meals, utilities, agent support, and a warm welcome.

Furthermore, by staying with the host family, you get to experience a new culture while sharing yours with them.  


Talking about the cost, you may have to pay somewhere between AUD $250 and AUD$ 350 per week. The payment plan varies as per the meal type, rooms, and utilities you use.  

Learn both advantages and disadvantages of staying with a host family.  


  1. Comparatively, you will have to pay less price for homestay than for other accommodation options.  
  2. Alongside the place to stay, you will also get laundry service and a meal.  
  3. As most students feel homesick when they move to another country, with homestay, you will still get the family atmosphere.  


  1. While staying in homestays, you may sometimes miss social opportunities.  
  2. You may find it difficult to adjust to your host family because of their different life.  
  3. Some even get uncomfortable because of different food, house rules, and lifestyle, and some even feel the culture shock.  


3. Student Apartments

There are built accommodations where the entire block is dedicated to the students’ housing. You also get the option of a single or twin room with a shared bathroom and kitchen. If you are looking for more affordable options, you can also share the room with other students.  

The managed student accommodations come with essential utilities like Internet, furnished room, security, staff support, laundry, study areas, movie rooms, gym, and more.

Furthermore, you can also get to witness many social events and activities alongside your studies.  


The weekly cost for the apartment can come around anywhere between AUD $200 and AUD $500 per week. It includes the utilities like power, gas, internet, and more.  


  1. A more flexible environment with people around who can help you cover the bills and rent.  
  2. With managed student apartments, you also reduce the living cost as you share the expenses.  
  3. You can grow a strong foundation of friendship while living with people from all across the globe.  


  1. While living with a group of people, you may lack privacy alongside having to share a kitchen, living room, and bathroom.  
  2. The living situation can get a little chaotic if you don’t get along with your housemates or if you have a polar opposite lifestyle.  
  3. Sometimes you may have to deal with the bad habits of your roommate like stealing, drinking, playing loud music, and more.  


4. Private Rental Accommodation

If you don’t want to share your apartment with other people or live with the host family, you can always opt for private rental accommodation. You can make a choice of either living alone or having a roommate.  

However, with such accommodation, you might have to bring your own furniture as some rentals might not have it. In such places, you must pay the rent for the first month in advance and also make the payment for the security.  


The rent for such apartments is not the same as it varies time and again. Meanwhile, you can expect to pay anywhere between AUD $100 and AUD $500 per week. You will also have to pay for your own food and utilities in this apartment.  


  1. One of the major pros of living in a private rental place is you can choose who you want to live with.  
  2. With the accommodation, you can experience a lot of independence by being responsible for handling household chores, paying bills, and dealing with the landlord.  
  3. You can set your own set of house rules and enjoy the freedom of living the way you want to.  


  1. You will have to deal with the rental offices, landlords, and agents all by yourself.  
  2. Sometimes living on private rental properties can be expensive, especially if you are a student and live alone.  


5. Hostel  

This is a popular option for students who are studying abroad or interstate. It is a good short-term solution for students until they find a permanent residence. There are two types of hostel accommodations available.  

You can get the option of choosing between backpackers or a classic hostel, all to your personal preference.  


The price you pay depends on which type of hostel you choose to live in. The aggregate amount can come to around AUD $90 to AUD $150 per week.  


  1. It is a more convenient space for students who are studying in the Central Business District. If you can find a hostel near your campus, it is more beneficial.  
  2. You get the opportunity to socialize with different groups of people and make friends.  


  1. The cost can go higher at times, especially if you have to pay extra for the food.  
  2. Sometimes it can get a bit uncomfortable when you have to share the facilities with so many other students.  
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